Monitor Everything Simultaneously and Effortlessly

LHN Group Case Study

About LHN Group

LHN Group is a conglomerate of diverse business entities in the Space Resource Management, Logistics, Facilities support & Lifestyle businesses. LHN Group’s major specialization lies in Space Resource Management. They enhance the value of unused and under-utilised spaces they lease from government agencies, commercial corporations and finance companies, by renovating and refurbishing these spaces, then converting them into industrial land and buildings, warehouses, offices as well as residential premises. Upon the successful conversion of these spaces, LHN Group will further provide a full range of value-added services which include the marketing, subleasing and management of these converted properties.

The Challenge: Achieve operational efficiency with a highly interoperable active monitoring unit for all back-end systems in keeping investment costs low.

LHN Group is made up of more than 40 businesses located vastly all over Singapore. As it is an absolute requirement for all its businesses to communicate back and forth with LHN headquarters, it is also mandatory that the system for integration is highly interoperable with the plethora of different back end systems already in use and be able to monitor everything simultaneously and effortlessly. Being an existing sendQuick® client, LHN Group had previously procured a sendQuick® appliance in the support of internal staff communication matters. With the introduction of the sendQuick® Avera, they are now exploring on A&P campaigns and multiple sites and systems monitoring, attaining cost-effectiveness in their daily operations.

"The sendQuick® Avera system is indeed indispensable to organisations with the requirement of monitoring a multitude of systems and equipment in their operational ecosystem.


While keeping an earnest eye out for the possibility of failure and downtime, communication and response time are hastened with the deployment of 2-way SMS. This enables us to respond swiftly hence increasing productivity and better management of client expectations.


We are highly satisfied with the successful introduction of various sendQuick® servers in meeting all our operational needs."

Heng Wey Chuan

Senior Engineer (IT & Projects), LHN Group

The Solution: sendQuick® Avera

The sendQuick® Avera server has the intrinsic ability to actively monitor an unlimited number of systems and equipment unconditionally. It has wide platform compatibility for RAM, HDD, and CPU check. It is also an operating system independent in checks using Ping, Port or URL.

The Result: Impeccable monitoring capability for preemptive actions required in the event of service disruption or system downtime, hence leading to the delivery of better customer service.

The sendQuick® Avera server has proved to be a perfect solution for LHN Group - with the need for monitoring diversification over its many systems and equipments. With the delivery of communication reliably over non-wifi dependent SMS, important messages are received immediately in a non-intrusive manner.