Faster Response Time to Mitigate the Disruptions Caused by Data Center Outages

Great Southern Bank Case Study

About Great Southern Bank

Great Southern Bank, based in Springfield, Mo., was founded in 1923 and currently operates 100+ offices in eight states in the U.S., comprising 104 retail banking centers, two commercial loan offices, and one home loan office. Great Southern is a one-stop banking and loan provider for small to large businesses and individual customers, providing a wide variety of checking accounts, savings accounts, and lending options.

case study

The Challenge: To send alerts & notifications via text alerts to their data center and customers, and having an on-premise server which can integrate with its shortcode provider

With a large network of branch offices spread across different states, it was imperative for Great Southern Bank to address customer security and 24/7 support to enhance its competitiveness among its peers.

Prior to deploying sendQuick, Greater Southern Bank had the following challenges:

- They only had email alerts for their data center, and they required text alerts as well in the event of unplanned downtime

- They had no means of communicating messages to their customers

- The absence of an on-premise solution which could integrate with their existing shortcode provider to send text alerts

Additionally, the Company had other ways of authenticating a customer’s identity but were looking for a 3rd-factor authentication solution which could simultaneously send a security code to a customer while on a call with them.

The Solution: sendQuick Entera

case studyAfter evaluating several options, Great Southern Bank selected sendQuick Entera. Entera is an on-premise network monitoring system which is easy to set-up and effortlessly integrates with the company’s backend applications and existing systems (such as SolarWinds) for sending text alerts to its data center and shortcode provider, to send messages to customers. The Company tested the system by sending messages using their custom-made app before the final deployment. Entera also addresses the concern of secure remote access of customers by sending out a security code for authentication.

The Result: Improved Responsiveness, streamlined processes, and enhanced security.

With the successful deployment of sendQuick Entera, Great Southern Bank has experienced faster response time to mitigate the disruptions caused by data center outages. The Company now sends text alerts when their email server experiences downtime. By being an on-premise solution, the authentication of a customer’s identity is more secure and reliable, which has helped streamline the various business processes of the Company, thereby enhancing its operational efficiency.

With a successful deployment, Great Southern Bank is now considering implementing the High Availability option offered by sendQuick Entera to increase the volume of messages being sent to customers and is also considering purchasing more on-premise Entera units.

"sendQuick Entera is the ideal product for us, as it addresses our most critical business requirement of having an on-premise server which integrates with our existing application to send out shortcodes and text alerts to respond quickly in case of downtime.

Also, to stay competitive it is important that we focus on customer security and convenience. We can now enhance operational efficiency by sending out text alerts to our customers about our products and solutions, thereby providing them a convenient and secure method of accessing information from a remote location."

Austin Shoemaker, Systems Administrator
Great Southern Bank