Technical Term


High Availability

High Availability refers to having a system that is constantly and continuously operational without any downtime. Industry standards strive towards 100% but widely view “five 9s” 99.999% uptime as the standard to achieve. Higher end models of sendQuick appliances allows the usage of High Availability so that one sendQuick appliance can take over the task of sending out alerts and notifications in the event the primary hardware experiences failover.

With High Availability you can:

  • Reduce monetary losses resulting from system downtime
  • Reduce productivity loses
  • Continuous system uptime helps build and retain customer confidence

Two Way SMS Messaging

Two Way Mobile Messaging allows users to receive and send SMS. Two Way Mobile Messaging is a value added feature of sendQuick SMS gateway appliances to promote greater interactivity and information flow.

With Two Way SMS Messaging you can:

  • Open up a channel of communication with staff who are geographically dispersed
  • Enable convenient customer feedback and response to improve and better cater to their needs
  • Integrate the function to other business process applications to generate better productivity

Two Factor Authentication (FA)

Two Factor authentication requires the use of two out of the regulatory – approved authentication factors. The factors are:

  • Something the user knows (i.e. password)
  • Something the user has (i.e. mobile device)
  • Something the user is (i.e. fingerprint)

The rationale of using two factors of authentication is to reduce the probability of fraudulent access to elevate security.

TalariaX sendQuick offers sendQuick ConeXa, a Two Factor Authentication solution delivered via SMS One Time Password (OTP).

With Two Factor Authentication you can:

  • Implement an added level of security
  • Better equipped to gain and retain customer trust
  • Minimize potential losses from security attacks