Pay-As-You-Go With TalariaX Cloud Messaging Solutions

Are you looking to move to the cloud for mobility messaging solution? Are you yearning for messaging solution without having to maintain the hardware (IT) infrastructure?

TalariaX cloud offers cloud-based enterprise mobile messaging solutions to enhance business productivity in the form of “pay-as you-go” model. These SaaS-based solutions include 2-way broadcast messaging solution, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) with One-Time Password (OTP), IT health monitoring and alerts, queue management solution, crisis management solution and audience response management solution. These solutions enhance businesses’ productivity, better streamline the internal workflows and achieve seamless communications among the stakeholders.

TalariaX Cloud Services

sendQuick ASP

  • 2-way messaging (Long Code, Short Code and Modem Hosting)
  • Web broadcast and API (HTTP / SMTP and other languages available upon ...

sendQuick IO

  • Unified API to interconnect messaging channels and business applications
  • Multi-messaging with SMS fall-back

sendQuick Web OTP

  • Built-in Authentication& Authorization for remote access
  • Configurable OTP (length, expiry time, message)

sendQuick Cloud

  • Public Cloud Integration
  • Roster Management

sendQuick Automated Call Tree

  • Allow configuration to meet different businesses’ structural needs
  • Unlimited users and administrators to grant different levels of access...

sendQuick Voting and Feedback

  • Allow participants to vote for multiple answers to a question
  • Reports available for download

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