It Makes Our Services More Secure With Minimal Effort

FTLife Insurance Case Study

About FTLife Insurance Company

case studyFTLife Insurance Company Limited ("FTLife") is one of Hong Kong's largest life insurance companies and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongchuangjiuding Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. ("JD Group"). It offers a myriad of financial products to individual and institutional clients including financial protection and wealth management products.

The Challenge: To Provide Secure Remote Login to Users

The Company’s financial services consultants and customers routinely access financial information on digital devices from remote locations. Their concern was the potential loss of sensitive information due to cybersecurity breach.

Hence, FTLife sought an on-premise, 2-factor authentication (2FA) system to address that concern and integrate its many different online applications services on a unified platform.

The Solution: sendQuick ConeXa

FTLife selected sendQuick ConeXa to provide enhanced security to users remotely accessing sensitive data online. Since it is a centralised 2FA platform, it supports multiple SSL VPNs and various applications that require authentication. The sendQuick ConeXa gateway is an on-premise all-in-one appliance for 2FA, using SMS One-Time Password (OTP), Email OTP & Soft Token. It is a scalable gateway, thereby, allowing other applications to utilize the
platform in future.

"TalariaX is a great partner for catering 2-factor authentication solution. We chose “sendQuick ConeXa” as our SMS 2-factor authentication (2FA) backend because it is easy to implement and zero maintenance afterward. sendQuick ConeXa provides flexible connectivity and simple customization to integrate our existing systems. It makes our services more secure with minimal effort. We will explore more sendQuick components to enhance our operation and customer experience in the coming days."

Andy Wong, Head Of Information Technology

The Result: Enhanced Security, Lower Cost of Ownership, Ease of Management

FTLife can now send OTP to their financial services consultants, staff and customers, remotely accessing web-based applications and information. The centralised authentication gateway supports the Company’s multiple SSL VPN's. It has helped reduce the overhead costs of as the maintenance cost of the gateway is low, while enhancing security and ease of management.