Customers Enjoy The Non-Intrusive Way of Receiving SMS Reminders Case Study

About Pte Ltd, a digital imaging and photo-printing service provider in Singapore, has over 10 retail stores and an online printing portal. The first such provider to be awarded ISO 9001 in 2003, FotoHub is committed to providing high-quality photo prints and other lifestyle photo products such as calendars, coffee table albums and large prints. For more information, please visit

The Challenge: To provide a distinct level of customer service in a highly competitive retail Landscape while keeping business costs Low

Being in a retail landscape where competition is fierce and customers can be fickle, FotoHub understands it needs to continually delight the customer and win their loyalty. Even something as minute as reminding them to pick up their photos once they are ready for collection, is a carefully thought-out process when it comes to providing excellent customer service. FotoHub knows that customers enjoy the non-intrusive way of receiving SMS reminders and not be bothered by phone calls or missed calls during working hours.

Using SMS reminders has the added advantage of freeing up staff resources. Instead of spending time making a phone call, staff time is better utilised to provide customer service in the retail shops. As customers come to collect their prints earlier, cash-flow is improved. FotoHub also sees the value of using SMS to their customers who have signed up as members. The question: which solution to choose?

"Sending SMS reminders to customers to pick up their prints has raised our service standards by a notch. Customers like this non-intrusive way of being reminded. Using sendQuick Entera, a fully automated system frees up our front-line staff for other areas which translates to lower total costs."

Mr. Eric Tan


The Solution: sendQuick Entera

FotoHub chose sendQuick Entera as their preferred solution for a number of reasons. Being a true appliance SMS server, sendQuick Entera is easy to set up in minutes and virtually maintenance-free. FotoHub does not want to run the risk of heavy troubleshooting and maintenance, which often happens when installing vendor-softwares. If they were to buy SMS services from independent operators, they would have less control and would need to expend heavy resources on manual processes. The deciding factor was the affordability and ease of using sendQuick Entera.

Deployed in their internal environment, sendQuick Entera gives FotoHub the ability to automate the process of sending SMS and security with regards to their customers' data. Information about customers' order status and mobile number is directly synced from their webserver to sendQuick server.

The Result: improved customer-service at Low total cost of ownership

After the deployment of sendQuick Entera, staff who in the past had to spend time calling customers could now perform better customer service in the shop front. Customers are happy to receive reminders via the non-intrusive SMS service. Overall efficiency is enhanced as staff members need not spend time to repeatedly call customers if they are unreachable. The investment in sendQuick Entera has resulted in a quick ROI with immediate improvement in customer-service and higher work efficiency.