sendQuick ConeXa Allows Our Agents To Securely Access Our B2B Portal While Our Employees Can Securely Connect to Our Web Servers With Peace of Mind

SOMPO Insurance Singapore Case Study

About Sompo Insurance Singapore

Sompo is a member of SOMPO HOLDINGS, a trusted and established insurance and risk solutions provider in Japan for over a century. Today, SOMPO HOLDINGS serves its customers in more than 30 countries and regions. Since 1989, Sompo has been providing companies and individuals with premium yet afordable insurance in Singapore.

The Challenge: To provide for agents and employees a secure remote access to its external facing portals for retrieving confdential information and perform transactions.

Sompo prides itself in being customer-centric, claims-efcient and technology-driven. These become the key competitive advantages that often help Sompo win praises from both customers and business partners. Sompo has provided for its agents and employees access to its external facing portals for accessing to customers’ confdential information and to perform transactions. Sufficient protection against unauthorized access was needed, and Sompo had decided to leverage on the benefts of a single integrated 2FA via SMS One -Time -Password (OTP) solution.

The Solution: sendQuick ConeXa

Sompo found that TalariaX’s sendQuick Conexa solution did not require the use of security hardware token, nor needing to install any third party client-ware before use. This alone was a major factor in lowering their Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO). Additionally sending SMS text-based One-Time Passwords (OTP) instantly to the requestor’s registered mobile phone means convenience and ease of use. As it also provisions for unlimited users there was no need worry about licensing management. sendQuick ConeXa is primarily designed and built to act as a reliable stand-alone appliance, easy to set up, easy to administer, and requires little or no supervision.

The Result: Improved Security, Lower TCO, and Peace of Mind

With sendQuick ConeXa in place at Sompo Insurance Singapore now, the agents and employees were able to securely remote access to important customers’ information, and to conduct transactions confidently. Their IT personnel can now better attend to core business applications. Subsequently helping Sompo Insurance Singapore to achieve improved security, lower TCO, and Peace of Mind – thus improving on their business competitiveness.

"sendQuick ConeXa allows our agents to securely access our B2B portal while our employees can securely connect to our web servers with peace of mind. Tokenless and not needing installed client-wares has helped increased our ease of management and lowering of our Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO)."

Lim Koon Chai, CIO

Sompo Insurance Singapore