What are the service level agreements (SLAs) provided for TalariaX cloud services?

Service availability: 24 x 7, excluding planned maintenance.

Server availability: at least 99.5% uptime, excluding planned downtime.

For the problem(s) reported, Talariax Pte Ltd will response within the required response time and support the issues as reported. The support (service level) is 24×7 hours response via emails (support@talariax.com) and phone calls (+65 6280 2881 during office hours – i.e. Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays from 9.30am to 5.30pm).  A mobile number (+65 9694 6237) will be provided for support after-office phone calls to continue provide service support on 24×7 basis.

What are the purchasing and payment method(s)?

TalariaX Cloud offers purchase options such as e-store and e-submission of signed application form. As for payment methods accepted, they include PayPal, credit cards, GIRO, cheque and bank transfer.

Is there any redundancy mechanism in place?

Yes, TalariaX Cloud has a primary and backup servers running in parallel at 2 different local telco-grade data centres with the redirecting being configured on application’s end for load balancing and high availability (HA) purposes, thereby minimising downtime in the event of outage.

Is the solution compliant to PDPA regulations?

There are features for the users to utilize to adhere to PDPA regulations. However, it is the users who need to do their due diligence before using TalariaX Cloud services to reach out to the recipients.

Why is it not recommended to copy text from programmes (e.g. Microsoft Office and Emails) and paste on message box when composing message in the web portal?

This is a SMS technology limitation across the board which may result in some special characters turning from ASCII Text into Unicode characters and affect the eventual SMS count and billing to the customer. Hence, to overcome this limitation, the user will either type into the message box manually or copy and paste to “notepad” and then replicate that actions to the message box from “notepad”.