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What do top performing companies do to reduce IT downtime and stay online for their customers?

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    Avoid Losses Due To Downtime

    Get Notified Immediately of IT Alerts – Anytime, Anywhere

    Every business owner knows how frustrating it is to setup a website, only for there to be IT issues disrupting your online business constantly!

    The top performing companies in the world know how important it is to reduce downtime. And they don’t leave it up to chance! IT Incident Management tools, like the ones sendQuick provides, helps companies reduce downtime by keeping their IT infrastructure secure at all times.

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    Avoid paying huge sums of money for IT Notification Management


    Ensuring safe access with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).


    Ensuring fast response to IT Downtime with IT Alert Notifications

    What People Say

    “sendQuick Alert enabled us to get a seamless integration of all IT monitoring activities from infrastructure to applications under one umbrella on a 24×7 basis. As this appliance has its own SMTP/SMS server we did not have any dependency on our existing SMTP server. This appliance enabled us to provide a pro-active IT support for the business lines.”

    Mr. R.Gopalakrishnan,
    Director of IT Prudential Asset Management

    “The introduction of the sendQuick® Alert Plus system was certainly an improvement to what it has preceded as it is aligned with our goals in achieving efficiency through responsiveness & effectiveness.”

    Miguel Guardado,
    Network Services Supervisor, The City of San Luis Obispo

    “The sendQuick® Avera system is indeed indispensable to organisations with the requirement of monitoring a multitude of systems and equipment in their operational ecosystem.

    While keeping an earnest eye out for the possibility of failure and downtime, communication and response time are hastened with the deployment of 2-way SMS. This enables us to respond swiftly hence increasing productivity and better management of client expectations.

    We are highly satisfied with the successful introduction of various sendQuick® servers in meeting all our operational needs.”

    Heng Wey Chuan,
    Senior Engineer (IT & Projects),LHN Group

    Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies

    Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies

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