Why use SMS Technology when I can use Apps?

Although many of us have smartphones, not everybody does. Also some people don’t want to use apps because they may have to pay for it and some free apps are of varying quality. Finally, not all apps are available for every type of mobile phone or their operating system.

Is SMS Technology safe or prone to cyber threats and attacks?

SMS Technology generally is safer than internet dependent communication platforms (eg. e-mails). sendQuick operates independently from the internet and can integrated with your preferred enterprise application, or as a standalone solution, to enable 2-way messaging more effectively and more securely.

How can I expect sendQuick appliances to benefit me?

According to The Economist, while an email maybe read within 48 hours upon its delivery, SMSes are read within 20 minutes on average. SMSes also has a higher open-read rate than emails. From a business and technical perspective, this could mean time-critical advantage gained if using SMSes to enable remedial actions. sendQuick appliances can integrate with existing enterprise applications to extend messaging capability, or serve as a standalone system by itself. Therefore you benefit by having higher ROI, and lower TCO, increased agility and better workflow management.

How does the sendQuick appliances integrate with our in-house systems?

sendQuick appliances can help your business become agile since …

a) we support SMTP (Email), HTTP Post, FTP, ODBC access for integration with applications

b) we support SNMP Trap, Syslog and Email for IT and Network Monitoring and Alerts

c) we support RADIUS-compliant SSL VPN for 2 Factor Authentication


Can sendQuick be used with any modems?

While we cannot guarantee any modem’s compatibility for use with sendQuick appliances, there is however a high chance of success when deploying with serial modems using RS232