Our award-winning ‘sendQuick’ range of enterprise mobile messaging solutions are geared towards reducing and minimising disruption during systems and operations downtime and provide security and confidentiality of sensitive business data. They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Emergency & Broadcast Messaging, Business Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring. These solutions deliver better mobility responsiveness, improved internal workflow, and enhanced operational effectiveness. sendQuick is available on the following platforms: Appliance + Cloud + VM + Hosted (will send you the icons for these) Which platform is better for you.

Do you have real-time notifications when down time occurs?

You will need our alert and notification solution when you want to:

  • Response immediately to network, security, systems and infrastructure issues
  • Requires quick resolution and restoration to all your IT issues
  • Be made aware and stay informed of all issues in the company

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Do you need to know (monitor) your system and application availability?

You will need our 2-way monitoring solution to help you:

  • An all-in-one appliance for essential system and application availability monitoring
  • Policy-Based filtering with multi-level escalation for message delivery
  • A cost-affective solution for unlimited nodes monitoring
  • Suitable as your first monitoring solution or to compliment your existing solution

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Do you need a cost-effective marketing solution with good ROI?

You will need our Marketing, Promotion and/or General Broadcast Solution when:

  • SMS (Text) is more intimate and higher viewing rate for any marketing compaigns
  • Integrate to any applications to SMS-enable the applications
  • Targated and cost effective for marketing and Business communications
  • 2-way messaging reduce transaction cost for companies

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Do you need to implement secure remote access for your staff and/or customers?

You will need our 2FA SMS OTP solution if you want:

  • To provide hassle free secure remote access without hardware tokens or software
  • To ensure confidentiality and security of corporate information in the Intranet
  • To allow only authenticated users, with two factor authentication
  • Easy to implement (copatible to all RADIUS applications)

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How do you disseminate information reliable and fast?

You can simplify your business processes to focus on delivering higher value services to your customers.

  • Application integration to allow automated transaction enquiries and status.
  • Improve workflow for routine business processes.
  • Ideol for Appointment Reminders, Transaction Updates & Notification.
  • All types of applications with easy to implement API integration

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Why Choose sendQuick?

Easy to Integrate, Stability, Wide Compatibility, Great ROI, Stand Alone, Plug & Play.

Easy to Integrate

Uses Open API allows for seamless integration to various applications


Can be scaled for portability, rack-mounted or High Availability

Wide Compatibility

Multiple messages format (Email, SMTP, SNMP Trap, Syslog)

Great ROI

Can act as a centralized gateway for IT and Business Communication and Low Total Cost of Ownership

Stand Alone

Features an internal SMTP server, the only system in the market to do so.

Plug & Play

No software installation required and little administration is needed

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