How is Using SMS for business beneficial to enterprises

  1. No need to install any apps to send and receive messages
  2. It can reach all mobile users worldwide, independent of the Wi-Fi and telco provider
  3. More reliable because no data connectivity is required for instant delivery
  4. More secure due to spam filtering mechanism put in place by telco operators
  5. Security passwords are sent via SMS OTP for e-commerce or online backing
  6. Business still prefer SMS over consumer messaging apps*

*source: Mobile Ecosystem Forum Mobile Messaging Survey 2016

Why use sendQuick for sending SMS

  • Industry's leading appliance as well as cloud-based SMS gateway solution
  • Easy to deploy plug & play appliance
  • Reliable and scalable with full compatibility with many systems
  • Deploys Out-Of-Band SMS Alerts & Notifications
  • Used by over 1,500 corporations in 40 countries across 50 industries