Benefits of using self-facilitating SMS Queue System

A self-facilitating queue system harnesses SMS technology to automate the process of making appointments through an automated matching engine which assigns and allocates available slots to users based on the type of service requested. This enables efficiency in routine operations freeing up staff time for other processes.

For Companies:

  • Reduces the lead-time required to issue an appointment
  • Reduces the volume of call-ins and walk-in appointments handling
  • Reduces turnaround time (from initial booking to the end of service rendered)
  • Reduces no-show rate, translating to cost savings
  • Provide manual overwrite option to help book appointments for non-tech savvy persons






For Customers:

  • Easy appointment reservation via SMS
  • Reduces the queue and congestion at the waiting area
  • No need for downloading any app to receive notification
  • Pre-empts you via SMS when your appointment time is nearing







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