What 3G modems do we support now?

We are current use Maestro (Rs232 and USB) and Robustel (RS232 & USB) for sendQuick. Robustel updated that future models will combine RS232 and USB into one (maestro already combine).

When to use USB hub?

Each modem uses 2 ports in sendQuick box. Modem is connected to sendQuick via a Y cable as shown below. Bottom of Y cable goes to the modem, and the top 2 goes to 2 ports in sendQuick server. Each sendQuick box has 4 ports. This means that each sendQuick can support up to 2 modems. USB hub is needed when there are 2 or more modems being used. Our current USB hub has 7 ports. It is recommended to use an external power source for the USB hub. Drawing power from sendQuick may affect the life of the sendQuick box.

How to fax notification from sendQuick server?

It’s only applicable for sendQuick Entera. Fax interface card needs to be installed into sendQuick port.
For outgoing fax notification, customer can send email to “fax-<phonenumber>@sendquick IP address”, with PDF attachment. sendQuick will convert PDF file and send out fax message. Customer can also send via HTTP Post*, however, email to fax is the most common method.
For incoming fax, sendQuick will send out email with fax as PDF attachment. sendQuick can only send to one common email address.
*If customer is sending via HTTP Post, sendQuick can also send out a fax cover. Customer will need to specify the URL for sendQuick to grab the HTML file to send out.

System cannot detect modem and modem LED is not blinking. What should I do?

When modem LED is not blinking it is either PIN numberis present or SIM is not working/ activated.
Do the following check:

• Remove SIM and modem from USB/modem
• Put SIM into normal phone
• Make sure there is no PIN. If there is PIN, remove PINand set phone to disable PIN
• Try to make a call or send SMS with SIM in the phone

How do I change IP address of sendQuick server?

Connect monitor and keyboard to system

• Press ALT+F4
• You will see the login page
• Enter default username (admin) and password (sqroot)
• Change the IP, Netmask and Gateway IP address