What is the difference between status and delivery status in sendQuick ASP?

The Status shows outcome of the sent message(s). If it is Y, it means that SendQuickASP has already sent out the message from the gateway. If it is N, it means that SendQuickASP has not sent out the message from the gateway. Then, if it is NEW, it means that the message is new to SendQuickASP, queuing up to be processed the soonest possible.

The Delivered Status shows an acknowledgement of the sent message(s) directly from the telecom operators. Some of the possible words seen can be as followed: Delivered – the message has been delivered by the telecom operator to recipient, Sent / Accepted – the telecom operator has received/accepted the sent message from SendQuickASP gateway, Undelivered – the message has not been delivered by telecom operator or [blank] – the telecom operator has not come back to TalariaX Cloud on the delivery status to relay in the SendQuickASP system and it does not necessary mean the recipient has not received the message physically.