What does A2P SMS work?

The mechanics in sending is that messages flow via the mobile operators’ SMSCs from an enterprise (a business entity).

  • Mobile Terminated (MT) message: outgoing SMS to mobile phone
  • Mobile Originated (MO) message: incoming SMS from mobile phone

When a message is delivered by a Short Message service centre (SMSC), it will return a Delivery Status and the reason of failure, if any, to the organization.

The organization can choose either one of the following to deliver their messages:

(1) Directly connected to one telco operator but some may be undelivered because no single mobile operator can reach every operator, or

(2) Directly connected to several mobile operators but it is complex and challenging to manage.

Most organizations would not select option (1), and incur the cost of managing each mobile operator and negotiating the business terms cum technical integrations. Rather, organizations will implement option (2) by engaging an aggregator who can provide the most cost-effective, yet efficient way to deliver message anywhere, anytime while covering all complexities involved.

TalariaX Cloud is one of the leading mobile messaging value-add service providers who offers 2 ways to send message in general – either via a web user interface (UI) or an API.  A web UI requires no development but an API usually requires some basic integration effort to enable external system to be integrated to send messages.