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Engaging Your Customers via their preferred chat app

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the use of various communication channels today, the ability to manage multiple channels of conversation is key in engaging customers on their preferred platform. ​

The power of a multi-channel, or omnichannel marketing campaign lies in being able to effectively integrate various social media and messaging platforms on a single interface. This allows marketers and brand managers to save time switching between platforms, and instead focus on what they do best. ​

Harness the power of omnichannel marketing enabled by automation technologies today!

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    Automate messaging and communications with your customers across multiple platforms 

    • Send appointment reminders / confirmations
    • Offer instant help by providing customers with instant help guides that solve the most common problems quickly
    • Provide real-time shipping updates
    • Collect customer feedback
    • Acquire New Customers by establishing a direct line of connection with customers where all information is available at their fingertips.
    • Personalize customers’ experiences with personalized messages sent to their favourite chat app.