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How Can Transport & Logistics Industry Achieve Better Fulfillment Operations and Keeps Their Customer Happy and Wanting To Engage More?

Transport & Logistic Industry are concerned with on-time pickups and deliveries, and to ensure cost competitiveness. Manpower deployment is sometimes challenged because a lot of resources are spent on providing administrative support to internal and external customers.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Be Better At On-Time Pickups and Delivery

We can help you better manage pickup and schedule delivery schedules. Reminders and notifications can be sent to customers with up-to-date status reports and routing information. sendQuick can work with your preferred enterprise application to provide 2-way updates during shipment in transits.

Shipment Visibility and Traceability

Our solutions can improve your shipment visibility. Sending out delivery alerts, report on statuses, and conduct service feedback to help you build better customer engagements and services. sendQuick solutions can be also be used to confirm receivership of delivery and provide paperless receipts.

Proactive Customer Service

sendQuick’s 2-way messaging platform allows you to engage with your customers interactively - keeping them up to date on service matters that concerns their accounting and account matters. It can serve as an up-to-speed permission custodian and marketing promotions.

Secure Remote Access Made Easy

We can help you and your customer gain secure remote access without the use of tokens or client-wares. This reduces the risks of fraud, security leaks, or personal data abuses, especially when the client need to engage via your web portals for sensitive transactions.

Reduce Paper Usage

sendQuick solutions can help you dispense paperless billings and delivery acknowledgement, and service updates. As a 2-way messaging platform, you can communicate similar practices to your customer to help reduce carbon footprint which eventually also help lower operating costs.

Instil Better Membership Management

We can help you stay in touch with past, current, and potential customers. The interactive engagement can foster better quality business relations and improve on your workflows too. You can instil a membership communication system with your CRM system for quality engagement.


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