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As businesses grow more international and employees and clients more mobile, how to maintain a stream of readily available information as well as manage the information transfer securely to eliminate or mitigate security breaches?

Data security & confidentiality is utmost important to your customers for business worldwide, the last thing a business don’t want is your customer’s personal data are scatter out on the street or your name was published on the first page of news for website security breach.

Therefore, sendQuick ConeXa has equipped clients from various industries like banking and communications with secure remote access via 2 Factor Authentication (FA) with SMS One Time Password (OTP) and Mobile Soft Token. This addition layer of unique check enhances the access security level giving business some peace of minds. Look at the network diagram below for more details.

'Only requires a mobile phone (choice SMS OTP and/or soft token)'

Further, with sendQuick ConeXa even if a hacker gains access to one’s login ID and password, an addition password will be sent to the user’s mobile phone to further verify a user’s identity. The additional password sent out is for one time use only and will expire depending on the time settings imputed into the one time password generator.

Secure Remote Access

Key Features:

  • Integrated RADIUS server
  • Integrate to local/external databases or Microsoft AD with unlimited users (clientless)
  • Configurable OTP features (length, expiry time, and message)
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