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sqoope™ enables businesses of all sizes to own a mobile messaging capability.

sqoope™ is used to help business in retaining sensitive business message exchanges within the organization’s cadre of authorized users. It was developed with the intent to aid in better teaming, collaboration, and provide a closed-loop message exchange.

sqoope™ can integrate with sendQuick appliances in enhancing multi-channel messaging.

To find out more details, please visit http://www.sqoope.net


Key Features

One-to-one or group chat on mobile phone

Cost savings with free messaging using existing Wi-Fi and 3G Data services

Support sharing of multimedia formats

Able to integrate to other applications via HTTP Post API

Guaranteed delivery of all messages anytime & anywhere

User authentication via AD, LDAP, Radius and DB

Access/login via web browser or on any HTML devices (with message history retained in the server)

Encrypted messages for confidentialilty purposes and logged into audit for archival (Closed group usage with servers deployed internally)

Key Benefits

Immediate messaging alerts to recipients in critical situations.

Indicators to show message status - Sent. Delivered. Read. Acknowledged.

Reliable multi-channel messaging through 3G, WiFi and SMS.

Fast and efficient message delivery.

Cost savings with free messaging using existing WiFi services.

sqoope™ fulfills necessary regulatory compliances.

sqoope™ is suitable for assessing and managing job performance.

Integrable to existing systems to improve efficiency and enhance work processes.

Privacy & Confidentiality: Sensitive information is kept within the enterprise.

Secure file sharing over multiple media platforms.


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