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Are you spending too much resources in managing your IT network?
Are you seeking a simpler, more well integrated monitoring system?
Do you want a consolidated view of all your notifications and responses with regards to your IT network?

In Talariax, we have the right solutions for you - sendQuick Avera, with this, you can have all in one monitoring system under your fingertips! At the end of the days, our solutions ensure your bases are covered, what we called cohesive and effective monitoring.

As companies move towards computerization and IT security beefs up, there is a tendency for the IT network to grow increasingly complex. Precious resources should not be spent on complicated monitoring systems that take up time and energy. Look at our solutions at the network diagram below.

In addition, sendQuick Avera has add on features with IT Alert and SMS broadcast. It is an ideal monitoring system that facilitate, enhance and simplify your IT operations and processes.

Systems Availability Monitoring IT Alerts & Notifications Enterprise Messaging Broadcast

Key Features:

  • Monitor system and applications with:
    1. ICMP, TCP and URL check
    2. Windows WMI check (process and service)
    3. CPU, RAM, Hard disk check
    4. On-demand SMS (for server status, service restart, server restart/shutdown)
  • Filter rules with multi-level escalation for SMS and report
  • Highly cost effective with coverage of unlimited number of nodes and users
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Systems Availability Monitoring IT Alerts & Notifications

Key Features:

  • Always monitor web/email servers, websites & applications
  • Types of checks: PING, PORT, URL checks, & message filter
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Customers Quotes

The sendQuick Avera system is indeed indispensable to organisations with the requirement of monitoring a multitude of systems and equipment in their operational ecosystem.

While keeping an earnest eye out for the possibility of failure and downtime, communication and response time are hastened with the deployment of 2-way SMS. This enables us to respond swiftly hence increasing productivity and better management of client expectations.

We are highly satisfied with the successful introduction of various sendQuick servers in meeting all our operational needs.

Senior Engineer (IT & Projects),
LHN Group

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