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Welcome to Talariax! If you have been following on what was written about sendQuick solutions, most probably we got your attention and interest now.

sendQuick Solutions are internally researched, developed and manufactured. We have different models with enhanced features. They are easy to deploy and require very little technical know-how to do so.

Depending on your business needs, TalariaX’s variety of solutions can resolve many of the challenges in your organization today, by improving responsiveness, reduce workflow bottlenecks, and increase your customer experiences.

Explore sendQuick, our cost effective solutions for unlimited end-user licensed application today!

sendQuick Product Feature Comparison

2-way Marketing, Broadcast
& General SMS Messaging

IT Notifications
with SMS Messaging

IT Notifications
with SMS Messaging

Business Process Automation
with SMS Messaging

Active 2-way Remote Monitoring
with Alerts for Systems Availability

2-FA with SMS
One-Time Password (OTP)

Hosted SMS Messaging Solution
for Communication

24X7 Cloud Monitoring Solution
with SMS Alerts

Mobile Messaging App
for Businesses


Look no further

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