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How can Healthcare Industry Provide Quality Patient Care, Simplify Their Operations and Help Patients Be More Self-Sufficient?

Healthcare industry’s overtaxed manpower and resources are a major hindrance to offering quality patient care. By removing administrative bottlenecks and have patient be more self-sufficient in their, healthcare industry can operate efficiently and have buffer to build up more medical service offerings.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Reduce Administrative Bottlenecks

Our solutions can automate your operations to remove administrative bottlenecks and free up limited resources. Your resources can be better deployed for providing quality patient care instead. sendQuick solutions can integrate well with many of enterprise applications to improve communication.

Implement Remote Patient Care Services

We can work with your Patient Care System to send scheduled reminders to remote outpatients to take their medication, fill up prescriptions, or make appointments for medical review. Our sendQuick solutions can be setup to receive patient’s feedback and concerns instantaneously for attention.

Increase Patient Experience

Our solutions can implement rule-based escalation, delegation, and next-steps action that can help patient attain a higher level of self-sufficiency. This allows patients to get right attention quickly. sendQuick solutions are plug-and-play making it easy to deploy and is a low TCO investment.

Protect Patient’s Confidentiality

We do not depend on the internet to do messaging. As such security exposure and cyber criminal actions are much diminished. Our authentication solution can help further assure patient confidentiality when conducting online payment or reviewing of sensitive medical information.

Promoting and Marketing Healthcare Services

We can integrate with your Patient Relationship Management system to conduct short textual updates, appointmentsetups,, reminders, and recommended actions. sendQuick can be also used as a marketing tool to help promote services to patient and their next-of-kin.

Activating Emergency Medical Services By Texting

Our solutions can help patients and healthcare organizations mobilize required emergency services when verbal communication is not possible. sendQuick solutions are 2-way messaging enabled – this allows for direct and instant exchange of information through their mobile phones.


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