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How can Banking & FSI Industry improve their operations efficiency and continue to offer excellent customer services with minimal capital expenditure?
Banking & FSI industry are required to meet strictest compliance and governance to protect customer’s information and sensitive transactions. They also need to conduct their daily business efficiently, cost-competitively, while providing excellent customer services.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Improve Your Operations Efficiency

Our solutions can automate your administrative processes, thus freeing up your resources to focus on higher value customer-centric services. Our solutions can also integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) applications or act as a standalone messaging platform.

Reduce Your Customer Risk Exposure

Our solutions does not depend on accessing the internet to message, this reduces the risk exposure to cyber threats and criminal frauds. Our authentication solution can also help customers conduct sensitive transactions conveniently and securely without the use of tokens or client-ware.

Enhance Your Marketing Outreach

sendQuick solutions make use of a common messaging platform that allows your marketing department to reach out with short message sharings for all sorts of mobile phones. This has a higher return of open-read rate, and excellent for you to keep in touch with past, present, and future customers.

Escalate Your IT Responsiveness To Outages

Our solutions can help IT departments response faster to applications, systems, web services, or network outages. This would minimize business disruptions which could be damaging to your reputation and profitability. sendQuick solutions can send alerts and notifications instantaneously.

Boost Your Interactivity

sendQuick solutions can help you get better organized and made availability to your customers. By helping to manage business appointments, notifications, reminders and providing a 2-way messaging capability, your customer experiences will be greatly enhanced by your interactivity.

Lower Your Carbon Footprints

Our eco-friendly solutions can help you send paperless reminders, and notifications to your customers’ attention. The messages being short and direct are effective, helping both you and your customers save time and money. It can also be used for obtaining acknowledgements, approvals, and etc.


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