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What do large retail stores, property developers, insurance companies and government agencies have in common? They all use SMS (text messaging) as a form of mass broadcast to communicate for Marketing Campaigns and Announcements.

If you haven’t integrated SMS into your business’ marketing strategy, do now. Analysts commented this will boost majority of the business’ marketing activity tremendously. The Unique Key Factors of instant deliverability, reliable, high open & conversion rate are what make SMS the most effective marketing methods of today.

Under the same principle, TalariaX sendQuick offers an appliance based SMS gateway enterprise messaging instead of general software package. We have deployed our solutions to thousands of businesses worldwide churning out millions of marketing campaigns & announcement broadcasts efficiently and cost effectively.

In Talariax, our range of products has inbuilt SMS broadcast feature cater specifically for your organization’s needs, we offers sendQuick Enterprise and sendQuick Entera for Enterprise Messaging, also 2 Way SMS Messaging to increases interactivity with improved turnaround time.

Enterprise Messaging Broadcast Business Process Automation

Key Features:

  • Web-based messaging system for unlimited users and application licenses with multiple access control
  • Easy integration to backend applications (API)
  • SMS schedule broadcast
  • Automatic (incoming) message routing using keyword management
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Enterprise Messaging Broadcast IT Alerts & Notifications Business Process Automation

Key Features:

  • Build-in Address Book & Shift (roster) management
  • Monitoring with PING, Port & URL check
  • Keyword Management for Interactive SMS
  • User web interface for broad