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sendQuick ASP is a cost-effective hosted SMS messaging solution.

sendQuick ASP’s 2-way (i.e. sending and receiving SMSes) customisable broadcast and transaction-based messaging services can be used across all businesses functions (e.g. marketing, notification and reminders) to mobile recipients globally.

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Key Features

• 1-way and/or 2-way available

• API (HTTP Post and/or SMTP) available for integration to backend applications

• Web based interface for easy messaging
Easy-to-implement system that allows enterprises to offer messaging systems on the web

• Schedule SMS messaging
Allow SMS messages to be sent at a programmed time

• Message template and mail merge for easy sending

• Review reports for individual and company
Allows messages report for monitoring and tracking purposes

• Cost control with quota management
Allows for control over number of SMS sent

• Low cost (Pre-paid or pay-per-use)
Pay-per-use allows control of SMS charges

Key Benefits

Instant receipt of SMS sent, increasing message efficiency

Web-based access at any location

Receive SMS reply from your support team or customer for message acknowledgement

Ease of use for greater convenience

SMS messages with caller-ID (enhanced branding)

Send multiple SMS instantaneously to different people

Unlimited user access

Clientless access (No software installation required)

Ability to send to any mobile phones via reliable network providers

High speed performance and reliability

Affordability (No investment on infrastructure; Low TCO)

Possible Usage Scenarios

Customer Update of personal particulars

Confirmation of appointment (clinics, schools)

Reminder (overdue payment, payment of fine, appointment, scheduled meeting)

Confirmation of sales order/booking (airplane ticket, taxi booking)

Job dispatch and notification

Customer Relationship Management

Mass messaging for field technicians and sales representative

Mass messaging for electronic commerce and workflow application

Mass messaging for marketing purposes/ promotional campaigns (New product release, sales promotion)


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