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An entry level IT Alert & Notification messaging gateway that is plug-and-play and ideal if you do not need network monitoring. This cost-effective solution is robust and sturdy in performance just as its more feature-rich other sendQuick solutions. sendQuick Alert is first choice for many IT departments wanting to have a cost-effective and high ROI centralised messaging solution.


Key Features

Support email SMTP , SNMP Traps for events, and converts to SMS

Small form factor (appliance)

Compatible with all security, network, and management devices

Message filter system (email, Syslog and SNMP) to send their important alerts to single and / or multiple users.

Dual integration method: via email or HTTP Post for sending and receiving SMS.

Built-in SMTP email gateway and email relay function to relay email alert messages and serves as a back- up email gateway.

Key Benefits

Instant alert on SMS, reducing downtime

SMS is delivered anytime, anywhere (even when you are overseas!)

Get SMS reply from your support team for acknowledgement

Selective SMS alert (with filter) for important events

SMS is store & forward, with reliable delivery (network dependant)

Send multiple SMS for each alert to different people

Support unlimited applications, devices and servers (good ROI)


Look no further

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