Get prepared for the Covid Impact with sendQuick free trial

The Pandemic has changed the way we run our business forever. 

It’s now made clear that businesses have to go online to adapt to the new normal. Thus, it is more essential now than ever, to ensure that we stay on top of any issues brewing specifically within our IT infrastructure. IT downtime could potentially cost us thousands of Dollars. You need sendQuick Avera, an active 2-Way Monitoring system and sendQuick Entera, Business Process Integration with SMS Messaging that helps in ensuring that company’s IT network is available and operational.

With more activities going online, boosting the security of your corporate data is also important. Secure your data with sendQuick ConeXa, the ideal solution for companies seeking low-cost and seamless 2FA implementation.

Great news, we are offering you 15 days free trial for our sendQuick VM editions for sendQuick Entera VM, Conexa VM and Avera VM.

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