Almost Zero Support and Maintenance, Thus Reducing the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO)

Colliers International Asset Management Case Study

“The Talariax sendQuick Enterprise SMS system has been well received by our managers and users who view the system as a great tool that enables them to perform their duties and tasks efficiently. It streamlines our business processes and helps administrators to control and monitor the vital flow of information."

S. Mahandra

Senior Manager (Technology)


Colliers International Asset Management (CIAM) manages a wide range of properties in Singapore. These range from private apartments and condominiums, to industrial and commercial buildings. As a facility and property management company, CIAM has property managers on site, as well as support and maintenance teams located in various geographical regions. CIAM uses SMS and paging to dispatch job information to their off-site staff for immediate attention.

To enhance the communication process, CIAM began to look for a new system that can be integrated to their existing property management system, running on a Microsoft platform. After much evaluation, CIAM decided on the sendQuick Enterprise Server, which fulfills all their criteria.


The sendQuick Enterprise Server was deployed within a week and CIAM was able to use the system immediately after delivery. To meet the additional requirements from CIAM, TalariaX customized the Server with PHP applications, which is the application support feature found in sendQuick Enterprise. The system was integrated to CIAM’s existing facility and property management system by using an email integration function. It is a smooth process which does not require any change to CIAM's existing systems. In addition, the web-based access method reduces the end-user support required and increases business efficiency in CIAM. Now, all their users and off-site maintenance teams can be reached via SMS and paging immediately, improving the overall job response time.


CIAM has seen the benefit of sendQuick Enterprise and the system has now become an integral part of their business process. The sendQuick Enterprise performs well, requiring almost zero support and maintenance, thus reducing the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) to CIAM. sendQuick Enterprise can also be easily scaled up for the system to support more modems, to provide higher performance (in terms of sending and receiving SMS volume) to meet the demand for SMS usage in their business process.